mold remediation

Mold can grow anywhere there is partial moisture. This includes inside the walls where a pipe might have condensation. Aside from seeing the mold, the best way to tell if there is mold in your home is if anyone in the home is battling horrible, cold-like symptoms, itchy eyes or breathing issues. If this is the case you should contact us for mold remediation services ASAP.

Our experts will eliminate the mold or mildew at the source following these steps for mold remediation:

  • examination of mold
  • contain the mold to avoid spreading
  • utilize air purification methods to clean the air
  • extract the mold from the residence or commercial space
  • apply anti-microbial treatments to disinfect and deodorize the space
  • and finally, we will install new drywall on the ceilings or floors.

Give us a call today to have our specialist come to your home for a free estimate to determine the proper course of action needed to properly attack your mold remediation or mildew project!

mold remediation
mildew removal