While our winter hasn’t been the most active, it’s still probably been a while since you’ve gone through your home and actually gotten it prepared for the rainy season of spring. This doesn’t necessarily mean Spring cleaning, but making sure specific elements inside your home are ready for use and being prepared for anything that can come your homes way.

As is with most cleaning situations, it’s best to clean top to bottom. Start by removing the dust from ceiling fans with a damp washcloth. While you’re up there, don’t forget to dust light fixtures, replace any bulbs that are burned out, and if you are able, test the batteries in all of your smoke detectors. As you’re cleaning the fan blades and light fixtures, you’ll notice some dust falling on furniture or the floor. Don’t worry, that’ll get cleaned too!

Once you’ve removed all of the dust and cobwebs in high places, it’ll be time to tackle the curtains and blinds. You can vacuum curtains, dust blinds, and don’t forget about the window tracts. As you’re working from ceiling to floor, your goal will be to keep all of the loose dust and dirt moving to the floor.

Hop on over to the molding around windows and doors, all the way down to the base boards and shoe molding. Give them all a good cleaning with your damp cloth or cleaning wipes. As you’re working around the house, be sure to wipe down the tops of windows, doors, and disinfect those door knobs, cabinet handles and light switches, to eliminate any of the leftover winter cold viruses hanging around.
(Pro tip: When’s the last time your HVAC system was cleaned? Was your chimney actively used during the winter? Give us a call @ 919-301-8320 to have them professionally inspected and cleaned to prevent future damage to the systems.)

Now it’s time to tackle flat surfaces. Whether in the bedroom or kitchen, any fabric that can be washed should be removed from the room and washed. If you’re in the bathroom, remove the shower liner to be bleached and wash your shower curtain. Wipe down all flat surfaces including: top of refrigerator, counters, tables, leather furniture, and small appliances. Want to be an overachiever? Emptying the crumb tray from your toaster is something most people don’t even know exists!

Ok, let’s get down low, hands and knees style now. Remember all of the dust and dirt we’ve knocked down to the floors? It’s finally time to start vacuuming, sweeping, and deep cleaning all of your floors to get that spotless. Bonus points for cleaning underneath objects like your refrigerator (inside shelves too!), washer/dryer, scrubbing around the toilet, and furniture. Your carpets will be grateful if you book a professional service to have your floors cleaned, so consider reaching out to Encore Carpet Care to take advantage of their Spring floor cleaning discount packages.

The interior now looks great! All done right? Wrong. How clean is your garage? The exterior of your home can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew if not properly cleaned and cared for. This means pressure-washing the exterior siding and windows or screens of your home, pathways, driveways, and washing patio furniture. You will thank yourself later if you point that pressure-washer into your garbage and recycling cans while you’re at it.

Whether you’re Spring cleaning, preparing for company to visit, or just need some peace of mind, our friends at Encore Carpet Care will gladly take your call and provide an estimate for a top to bottom, inside and out, cleaning and systems check, of your home in preparation for Spring.

If you’re considering a Spring remodel, or addition to your home, don’t hesitate to reach out for a free estimate from our professional, friendly team! Click here to contact us today.